International Conference in Memory of L.P. Grishchuk
Since his student
years Grishchuk was
interested in different
aspects of cosmology
and gravitational waves
physics. In 1967, SAI,
Grishchuk defended the
thesis entitled "On the
problem of singularities in
Einstein's equations
solutions". Perhaps the most famous works of Leonid Petrovich was related to the problem of gravitational waves generation and their interaction with matter, fields and quantum systems. The work of the inevitability of the generation of gravitational waves in the early stages of expansion of the universe was of particular importance. These papers served as the starting point of a huge number of further studies on the generation various perturbations in the universe. Currently, the detection of cosmological gravitational waves is one of the most striking challenges for the observational cosmology. Grishchuk papers on the theory of interaction of gravitational waves with electromagnetic ones were useful to design detectors such as LIGO. Contribution of Leonid Petrovich Grishchuk to science can be definitely called great.

Preliminary programme of LP Grishchuk memorial conference

“At the origin of modern cosmology and astrophysics of gravitational waves”

WEDNESDAY, November 16, Sternberg Astronomical Institute

9:30 – ­11:00 Registration of participants

11:00 – ­­11:10 Opening of the meeting. Introductory word by A.M. Cherepashchuk, Director of SAI

11:10 – ­12:30 MEMORIAL SESSION. Reminiscences about Leonid Grishchuk ( Kip Thorne, Bernard Schutz,  Stas Babak, Sergey Kopeikin et al)

12:30 – ­14:00 LUNCH



14:00­ – 14:45 Kip Thorne (Caltech, USA)  A Brief History of LIGO:  A Half Century Quest for Gravitational Waves

14­:45 – 15:20  Valery Mitrofanov (Phys. Dep. MSU)  for LIGO-Voyager Team: LIGO Voyager Project of Future Gravitational Wave Detector

15:20­ – 16:00  Bangalore Sathyaprakash  (Cardiff U., PSU) Testing General Realtivity with Gravitational Wave Observations

16:00 – 16:30 COFFEE


16:30 – ­17:00 Farid Khalili (Phys. Dept. MSU) Quantum noise in gravitational-wave detectors 

17:00 – ­17:30 Sergey Vyatchanin (Phys. Dept. MSU) How to Avoid Parametric Instability in Gravitational Wave Detector


18-00 Welcome party (Sternberg Astronomical Institute)


THURSDAY, November 17


09:45 -- 10:20 Stanislav Babak(A.Einstein Institute, Golm, Germnay) "Searching for gravitational waves from nano-Hertz to kilo-Hertz"

10:20 -- 11:00 Yuri Levin (Monash U., Australia)  Measuring gravitational-wave memory with LIGO and Pulsar Timing Arrays

11:00 -- 11:30  Vladimir Lipunov (SAI MSU) Optical identification of aLIGO/VIRGO events by MASTER robotic project

11--30­ – 11:50 COFFEE

11:50 -- 13:00 COSMOLOGY 1

11:50 – ­12:20 Olga Sazhina (SAI MSU) Search for cosmic strings

12:20­ – 13:00 Pavel Ivanov (AstroSpaceCenter) Gas-assisted Supermassive Black Hole Mergers


13:00 – ­14:30 Lunch


14:30­ – 15:15 Valentin Rudenko (SAI MSU) Leonid Grishchuk in Gravitational-Wave Space

15:15 – ­16:00 Mikhail Sazhin (SAI MSU) Space GW project “TIANQIN” in sub­HZ frequency range

16:00 – ­16:30 COFFEE

16:30 -- 17:40 COSMOLOGY II

16:30 – ­17:10 Dmitry Gorbunov (INR) ­­ Inflation and reheating in modified gravity.

17:10 – 17:40 Mikhail Ivanov (MSU Moscow, INR RAS, EPFL, Lausanne)  Analytical approaches to Large Scale Structures: problems, achievements and future prospects.

18:00 – 20:00 CONFERENCE DINNER (Sternberg Astronomical Institute)

FRIDAY, November 18

9:45 – ­13:10 THEORY OF GRAVITY

9:45   – ­10:20 Alexander Dolgov (Novosibirsk U., U. Ferrara, ITEP) “Universe at high redshifts. Recent observations and problems.”

10:20 – ­11:00 Sergey Kopeikin (U. Missuri)  General Relativity and Experimental Gravitational Physics

11:00 -- 11:30 COFFEE


11:30 – ­11:50 Elena Arbuzova (Dubna U.)  "Striking effects of modified gravity".

11:50 – 12:10 Viktor Berezin (INR RAS) Cosmological particle creation phenomenology, conformal gravity and Dirac vacuum

12:10 -- 12:40 Alexander Petrov (SAI MSU) Field theoretical approach in gravitation and applications


12:40­ – 14:00 LUNCH


14:00 – 14:40 Alexander Polnarev (Queen Mary College, London) CMB Polarization and primordial GWs

14:40 – ­15:10 Konstantin Postnov (SAI MSU) Standard and non­standard binary BH coalescences registered by LIGO

15:10­ – 15:20 Adjourn


16:00 Public lecture by Kip Thorne at the Faculty of Physics (Rem Khokhlov Auditorium)

Exploring the universe with gravitational waves: LIGO, the Big Bang, and Black Holes